Quonset Business Park

Home to the Port of Davisville

Map of Quonset in relation to nearby population and transportation centers

New England's Premier Commercial & Industrial Park

Centrally located in the Southern New England business region with 35 million people within a three-hour drive. The Quonset Business Park provides jobs to over 13,000 people in 200 companies and produces over $5.9 Billion in economic output annually for the State of Rhode Island.

Located on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay, the Quonset Business Park has world-class transportation and utility infrastructure and is rich in amenities, location, and history.

Create Jobs  •  Stimulate Private Sector Investment  •  Create Additional Tax Base

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Quonset companies are hiring in sectors all across our economy - including internships for students!

To join the more than 14,000 employees who come to work at the Business Park each day, visit http://QuonsetJobs.com.

ICYMI - Rhode Island's congressional delegation secured federal funding to create the ""missing move"" between I-95 and Quonset.

The project will also connect Route 403 to West Davisville, making it more efficient to reach the Business Park.

Revolution Wind (@RevWind) is set to deliver 400 megawatts of power to Rhode Island, and the project is making landfall right here at Quonset.

Crews are hard at work to construct the cable trench along Circuit Drive.

Quonset company @EdesiaNutrition has fed 22 million malnourished children around the world since its founding in 2010.

This year, they're doubling production and putting a $137 million donation to work. Learn more about their lifesaving efforts below.

We recently acquired some new equipment, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Our snow removal and extraction apparatus is designed to remove snow from the busy piers of the Port of Davisville.

Cristian and Jared are ready for whatever this week's storm brings.

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There are more than 220 companies and over 13,000 jobs at the Quonset Business Park!

Rhode Island Site Readiness Program

The RI Ready program is a statewide industrial site readiness initiative designed to prepare sites to achieve pre-permitted status and managed by QDC. This program will provide access to an array of “wrap around” services designed to create an inventory of pre-permitted properties ready for industrial development throughout the State.