East Bay legislators tour Business Park

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QDC Managing Director Steven King and State Representative Julie Casimiro (North Kingstown) welcomed State Representatives Jennifer Boylan (Barrington, Riverside) and Michelle McGaw (Portsmouth, Tiverton, Little Compton) for a tour of the Business Park this week, showcasing Quonset’s world-class infrastructure and successful companies. The group visited the bustling J. Goodison Co. shipyard and viewed Regent Craft’s […]

Quonset’s award-winning wastewater treatment facility protects Narragansett Bay and the environment

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Steven King’s most recent column in the New England Real Estate Journal highlights the benefits of Quonset’s award-winning wastewater treatment facility. Quonset’s wastewater collection system and treatment facility have the capacity, assets, and staffing that allow industrial companies to thrive here. The wastewater system is comprised of 20 miles of gravity sewer lines and force mains and […]

Quonset launches new, user-friendly website

Quonset website

Quonset Development Corporation is proud to provide world-class infrastructure throughout the business park — and starting this month, that includes our online infrastructure. Our new, user-friendly website is now live! The redesigned Quonset.com transparently delivers the information you need about our streamlined permitting processes, state-of-the-art infrastructure, amenities and utilities, and procurement opportunities. Everything you need to know […]

Chelsea Siefert Assumes New Role as QDC’s Chief Operating Officer

Chelsea PBN

Chelsea Siefert has been promoted to the role of QDC’s Chief Operating Officer after four successful years as Quonset’s Director of Planning and Development. As COO, she will continue to serve as the liaison between QDC and its over 200 companies, developers, regulatory agencies and our partners in local, state and federal government. Chelsea has played […]

Enjoy Quonset’s Public Spaces This Summer

Blue Beach

Quonset Business Park has hundreds of acres dedicated to recreation, preserving our rich history and protected open spaces. Now that it’s officially summer, there’s no better time to take advantage of the amenities that Quonset has to offer. Quonset has four public beaches where visitors can take in the magic of Narragansett Bay. Blue Beach […]

Quonset Generates $5.9 Billion in Economic Revenue in 2022

Bryant Impact Report

Steven King’s most recent column in the New England Real Estate Journal highlights Quonset’s role as a leading engine of economic development in Rhode Island. In 2022, Quonset generated $5.9 billion in economic activity (that’s 8.3% of Rhode Island’s GDP), including $1.72 billion in household income for Rhode Island families. Meanwhile, private-sector jobs here pay […]

Discovering the Future of Manufacturing: R&D to Host Additive Manufacturing Mobile Showroom on June 8th

An upcoming additive manufacturing mobile showroom in Quonset hosted by R&D Technologies will showcase the potential of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, in the manufacturing industry. The technology promises to revolutionize manufacturing by creating intricate and durable products with exceptional precision and minimal wastage. The event will witness showcase the convergence of industry professionals such […]

Positioning Rhode Island for Success in Offshore Wind Development

As we look to the future, offshore wind development is a clear path to economic growth for Rhode Island and Quonset will be at the forefront. The Quonset Multi-modal Off-shore Wind Transport Center (QMTC) will position Quonset as a wind energy hub for the North Atlantic. The current plans include an investment of $35 million […]

Quonset Businesses to Showcase Latest Industry Innovations at Quonset Day

On June 6th, Quonset businesses will be at the Rhode Island State House showcasing their contributions to Rhode Island’s economy. As a key hub for job creation and innovation in Rhode Island, Quonset looks forward to sharing our continued upward momentum with our partners in state government. Dave’s Marketplace, Dominion Diagnostics, Edesia, Electric Boat, Falvey […]