Utility Account Application

Please use this form to transfer or initiate utility service provided by the Quonset Development Corporation.  An Industrial Waste Questionnaire must be submitted prior to activating water or sewer service. Please see the Water and Sewer Rate Sheet for current rates.

Important Notice: The property owner agrees that the Quonset Development Corporation (QDC) has the right to charge and collect the rates and enforce all penalties applicable under any ordinances of said Corporation. The QDC reserves the right to temporarily discontinue service at any time without notice, and to require meters to register water consumed. This application is subject to the provisions of any and all policies & regulations of the QDC now in existence or hereafter passed that relate to utilities. By establishing utilities with the QDC, the property owner agrees that the QDC shall not be responsible for damage by water or other cause resulting from defective plumbing or appliances on the premises. In the case the supply of water shall be interrupted or fail by reason of accident or any other cause whatsoever, the QDC shall not be liable for damages from such interruption or failure, nor shall such interruption or failure for any reasonable period of time constitute a breach of contract on the part of the QDC or in any way relieve the consumer from performing their obligation of their utility account. A 10% penalty will be imposed on all utility charges that become delinquent if not paid within the time stipulated on the monthly billing.