Discovering the Future of Manufacturing: R&D to Host Additive Manufacturing Mobile Showroom on June 8th

An upcoming additive manufacturing mobile showroom in Quonset hosted by R&D Technologies will showcase the potential of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, in the manufacturing industry. The technology promises to revolutionize manufacturing by creating intricate and durable products with exceptional precision and minimal wastage. The event will witness showcase the convergence of industry professionals such […]

Positioning Rhode Island for Success in Offshore Wind Development

As we look to the future, offshore wind development is a clear path to economic growth for Rhode Island and Quonset will be at the forefront. The Quonset Multi-modal Off-shore Wind Transport Center (QMTC) will position Quonset as a wind energy hub for the North Atlantic. The current plans include an investment of $35 million […]

Quonset Businesses to Showcase Latest Industry Innovations at Quonset Day

On June 6th, Quonset businesses will be at the Rhode Island State House showcasing their contributions to Rhode Island’s economy. As a key hub for job creation and innovation in Rhode Island, Quonset looks forward to sharing our continued upward momentum with our partners in state government. Dave’s Marketplace, Dominion Diagnostics, Edesia, Electric Boat, Falvey […]